August 15th 2019

IT BEGINS WITH A PLANE RIDE. A 15 hour flight that changed everything. We packed up our house, donated or sold 98% of our belongings, purged our insecurities, and set sail to the continent of Asia to a place called the U.A.E. There have been so many blessing received throughout the journey bout our first noticeable favored blessing came rapidly. As we approached check-in we began to pray. We knew that ALL five of our large size luggage bags where too heavy. We also had two carry-on bags a piece; they defiantly didn’t look or feel like carry-on bags. Ok ok they where like mini suit cases. To round the bag total to eleven we had 5 of the heaviest luggage bags needed to be checked-in. We put our bags on the scale. Mind you, the limit is 50`lbs. Our first bag was 70`lbs!, , then 55, 65, and finally 60. We are looking at each other because we know that for an international flight this will cost us over a few hundred dollars in fees if not more. Our energy was a little shaken but we held our heads high. Blessings mostly come through people. The airline attendant that assisted us gave me a look and a head nod; without a blink he loaded each of our bags onto the conveyor belt with ease. We didn’t have to pay a dime. Thank you God! "My Favor Travels"

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